The only thing that I love more than reality TV is fashion  – kinda fibbing, I love alcohol and food a lot too, but those are necessities so I don’t think they count.

I  digress; so,  when you combine reality TV and fashion, I’m in heaven. Project Runway All Stars bringing some of the best designers in Project Runway history is more than a big deal, it’s phenomenal. Don’t believe it, world renowned designer Valentino sent the contestants a video wishing them well in the competition. Yes. Fashion Royalty Valentino himself.

I cried a little and so did a few of the designers.

Michael Costella Gasps at Valentino

The 13 designers brought a lot to the table for the first runway show. They were challenged to create a design inspired by a garment from their collection using materials from a 99 cent store.

The glue guns were out and in full force to mend plastic, mops, tablecloths, and dish rags  into fabric – where is Tim Gunn when you need him? There were more than a few questionable garments like Kenley’s homely look and Anthony’s nightclub/hookerish look – where is Michael Kors when you need him. But all in all, I was overly impressed.

Who had winning designs?

  • Rami – created the most well constructed garment I”ve seen in Project Runway history
  • Jerrel – has an eye for detail and executed his garment amazingly
  • Mondo  – true to his edgy and flattering designs

Who had losing designs?

  • Elisa – still weird as hell; her design was lackluster and required way to much explanation
  • Sweet P – appears to have lost her edge, she won’t last with this group if she plans to make poorly crafted, homely designs
  • Gordana – is a good executor but she put way too many bells and whistles on the dress (not literally, but their was all kinds of stuff stuck on that dress), she’s going to tame her designs if she wants to stick around

Project Runway All Stars Contestants:

  • Austin Scarlett: (New York, NY) Season 1, Fourth Place
  • Kara Janx: (New York, NY) Season 2, Fourth Place
  • Elisa Jimenez: (New York, NY) Season 4, Tenth Place – Eliminated 1st
  • Rami Kashou: (Los Angeles, CA) Season 4, Runner-up
  • Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn: (Pasadena, CA) Season 4, Fifth Place
  • Jerell Scott: (New York, NY) Season 5, Fourth Place
  • Kenley Collins: (Brooklyn, NY) Season 5, Second Runner-up
  • Gordana Gehlhausen: (San Diego, CA) Season 6, Fourth Place
  • Anthony Williams: Season 7, Fifth Place
  • Mila Hermanovski: (Los Angeles, CA) Season 7, Second Runner-up
  • April Johnston: (Savannah, GA) Season 8, Fifth Place
  • Michael Costello: (Palm Springs, CA) Season 8, Fourth Place
  • Mondo Guerra: (Denver, CO) Season 8, Runner-up