In LA, at lunch the sisters discuss doing a Braxton’s album. Finally! Everybody is on board but Tracy has reservations, which is puzzling because Tracy was the main one in the first season gung ho on doing the album. She is concerned that at any given moment the sisters will abandon the project. They all agree to commit to their current endeavors and work on the album.

Momma Evelyn and Tracy head to the nail shop for a relaxing day. Tracy intends to discuss her thoughts on the doing the album and before she could Momma Evelyn reveals that she would like to do the album with the girls.

Something along the lines of jazz and gospel hymns. Hmm okay..Where is this coming from? Is she serious? And most importantly why? Second most important is what the hell?

Later, Trina, Tamar and Towanda go shopping. Trina reveals that she cheated on Gabe. She said there was an oral transaction with the guy in the band meaning she gave him oral sex. WOW. As you remember in a previous post I thought she had cheated because of her behavior so this is not shocking.

The fact that she gave HIM oral sex is the shocking part. The sisters are shocked because she was a giver and not a receiver. WOW. Trina reveals that she feels horrible and wants to tell Gabe. They bring up a good point that he didn’t tell her when he cheated. In the midst of all of this, Tamar gives Trina a GPS tracker for Gabe. 

On a serious note, Tamar and Towanda tell her not to tell. What I can’t understand is why she did this camera.  WHY DID SHE DO THIS ON CAMERA? At this point she won’t be able to go back. She HAS to tell Gabe now. It’s not place to judge but oral sex in this case may be worse than actual sex just saying….

The sisters meet up with Tracy to get her opinion. Tracy agrees with the other sisters that she shouldn’t tell. Trina reveals that she too cheated on her husband. GOOD GOD! Are vows not sacred anymore? Who am I too judge? Trina says that she will tell him oh lawd….

Toni (Lord she has on that godforsaken orange wig stop me from stabbing myself) invites Trina over for tea. Trina tells Toni about her indiscretion and Toni is seemingly disappointed but does offer her some advice. Toni says they need to separate and get counseling. Trinasays that he is an excellent provider, great fatherand Toni interjects that he just cheats and GPS’s her. Her ultimate advice is that Trina leaves Gabe.

At dinner, Trina reveals that she has received her bartender’s license. Don’t you have a drinking problem? How the hell did you get a license to make drinks? Trina explains that she makes the best drinks and Tamar asks her is one of the drinks “my husband cheating and now I am staying.”

That was rude as hell. Trina and Tamar argue. Trina’s mouth was reckless as she was talking about what she did in her affair sucking a d-ck and using the MF word. Toni says Tamar is becoming a mean girl and the shit hits the fan. Toni is irritated that Tamar sticks her nose in everybody business and attacks their lives (TRUE) Tamar is yelling and defensive as usual. 

Toni and her orange wig aren’t relenting. She mentions how Tamar thinks that everyone is jealous of her. Tamar says that Toni is feeling funny about sharing the spotlight. Tamar goes on about how fabulous she is and that she doesn’t blame them for attacking her blah, blah further irritating Toni because feels that that is a lie and they are not jealous. 

Traci makes a feeble attempt to end the argument but ultimately Momma Evelyn ends the argument. It was a mess and I was embarrassed and I wasn’t even there.

After the blow up at dinner everyone meets at Toni’s house and Momma Evelyn wants to intervene. She talks about how they have become increasing disrespectful to her, each other and their relationship as sisters. Tamar feels that’s it’s not fair that everyone can say how they feel and she can’t.

Also, she feels that everyone always gangs up on her and will never go against what Toni says. Her word is the final word.  Tamar wants the sisters to apologize for their feelings. This is a lot deeper than TV. This seems to be some residual feelings from way back. Toni says that she will never apologize ever.  

Tamar leaves further cementing her point. It’s sad to see them fighting like this but I totally understand where both sides are coming from. Tamar is ganged up on because she puts herself in that position. She is probably used to doing and saying what she wanted and being the center of attention. Cleary, being the baby sister she got away with a lot and now being a grown ass woman it’s not working out so well.

Afterwards Tamar leaves Evelyn goes in on Trina because her disrespectful speak at the table. Trina seemed apologetic and condscedning at the same time.

The next day, Towanda and Momma Evelyn go shopping. Evelyn tells Towanda that she wants to be a part of the album. She is dead serious huh?

In Atlanta, Trina and Gabe visit Dr. SherryTrina tells them that she cheated. OMG. Gabe is shocked, hurt and feels betrayed, but not surprised. He knew something was going on because he did put a tracker on her phone.

Honestly she doesn’t seem remorseful one bit and maybe she is not. They both reveal that the people that they had affairs with are still in their lives. What the hell kind of marriage is this? They may as well have an open marriage and stop this madness. Forreal.

Momma Evelyn meets with Tamar for dinner. Evelyn says that she was disrespectful. Tamar feels that it was instigated by everything that was going on.

They kiss and makeup. I feel like this isn’t over though… Momma Evelyn tells Tamar that she wants to be on the album. Tamar tells her that isn’t a good idea. Finally somebody tells her the truth.

NEXT WEEK: The sisters fight AGAIN and bails on Toni.