Paula Deen, the Queen of butter, sugar and mayonnaise, has announced that she has Type 2 diabetes. I can’t say this is a surprise, but it is sad and eye opening. Just reading some of her recipes can make your blood sugar skyrocket. Despite her condition, the Food Network star plans to continue to provide us with her indulgent savory recipes that has made her so famous, hopefully she won’t continue to eat them though.

Here is what Paula had to say about her illness:

“When I learned I had type 2 diabetes, I decided to approach managing the disease with the same positivity and “go get ‘em” attitude I have everyday. In the past, I’ve heard so many stories of people like me that let diabetes control their lives, but I didn’t want to let this slow me down. I wanted to take control and delicious time doing it,” Deen said in a message to fans on her website.

“So today, I want to bring a new light to type 2 diabetes,” she continued. “I, along with [sons] Jamie and Bobby, are sharing with Americans an exciting new campaign called ‘Diabetes in a New Light.’ It’s going to be a tasty journey, and I hope that y’all will come along with me.” – Source:

Her success strategy will remain unchanged for now, but I think with her flair and charm, Paula Deen could be the perfect spokesperson for healthy living.