Yogisinsta is a dog celebrity that uses glucosamine for dogs to keep healthy and active, due to the demands of his artistic career he needs to be on top shape for all those cute pictures that we see every day.

With the arrival of Social Media and Instagram in particular, we have seen a tremendous growth of popular pets or celebrity pets as others call them.
Yogisinsta is one of such dog celebrities, with more than 17,000 followers as of this writing, he’s certainly one pet that you should follow, why? because he’s pics are just the cutest !!

Yogisinsta posts daily photos accompanied by great humor, the reason I came across his profile on Instagram is that Betty, a friend of mine, recommended me to follow him when I told her I was feeling like crap due to a recent fight with my boyfriend and was in desperate need of some serious uplift!, hence, the reason I’m writing this article, to sort of pay him back for all the smiles he gives me almost every day.

Instagram Profile

Yogisinsta profile
Celebrity Dogs Are Now Common In Social Media

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Yogisinsta loves boxing
Sample Cute Post 🙂

Here We Get To Know How He Keeps Healthy And Active

Yogisinsta Shares Favorite Dog Health Supplement for His Joints
Here he’s sharing his favorite Hip & Joint Supplement

Now, you might be thinking this is really silly, but let me tell you, a lot of these celebrity pets are making huge money on social platforms via endorsements so you may want to reconsider employing that pet of yours, I am sure she must have some real talents!, all you have to do to start, is open a social media account and start building your following base by posting original pictures.