I was watching the latest episode of MTV’s Teen Mom 2Making Moves and I said out loud to myself, “this is some depressing s#@It”.

I’ve long criticized the show because I think the moms are all bubble heads. Between jail and chasing boys, how do they have time for their kids? When are they a priority? Watching the show last night, I realized the dads are just as bad, if not worse.

Kailyn’s baby daddy Jo doesn’t want to pay child support for their son Isaac (one of my biggest pet peeves). He actually said, “Child support is gonna take a quarter to half of my money.

I can use that on my music career”. Orrrrrrr…you can use it on you son – douchebag. He said that he shouldn’t have to take care of Kailyn and feels that it’s her own fault that she can’t take care of herself, he said she she get a higher paying job.

What he seems to forget is that regardless of where she works and how much she makes, he still has to contribute a certain percentage of his income to taking care of their child.

He is informed that he has to pay around $475 (sorry I’m estimating, I will update on the exact amount, it was less than $500 but more than $450). He and Kailyn meet to discuss it and he lets her know that he plans to appeal to get his rate reduced.

Jo’s family has a little dough so I’d like to say that Kailyn better the best public defender she can find. But child support is what it is, you have to pay it and you shouldn’t be forced to do so. Jo should be ashamed.